Equity and Justice Committee Members Publish Two-Part Book Series on Equity and Justice in Developmental Science

Developmental science plays a central role in advancing understanding of how inequality and injustice affect the development of young people, and developmental scientists are well positioned to identify, advocate for, and design more equitable and just practices, policies, contexts, and institutions for children and youth. Issues related to equity and justice have been studied by scholars and researchers from a wide range of disciplines including social psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, economics, cognitive science, and developmental psychology. Given this diversity, the corpus of research on equity and justice within developmental science often lacks coherence. The conceptual and empirical reviews contained in this two-volume set (i.e., Volumes 50 and 51) of the Advances in Child Development and Behavior series offer original and cutting-edge contributions that bring greater coherence and integration to the study and advancement of equity and justice.

Volume 50 focuses on conceptual issues, definitions, and critical concepts relevant to equity and justice for developmental science. This volume covers critical methodological issues that serve to either challenge or advance our understanding of, and ability to promote, equity and justice in developmental science.

Volume 51 focuses on the implications of equity and justice (and other relevant concepts) for a myriad of developmental contexts/domains relevant to the lives of young people and families (e.g. education, juvenile justice), also including recommendations for ensuring those contexts serve the needs of all young people and families. Both volumes in this two volume set bring together a growing body of developmental scholarship that addresses how issues relevant to equity and justice (or their opposites) affect development and developmental outcomes, as well as scholarship focused on mitigating the developmental consequences of inequity, inequality, and injustice for young people, families, and communities.

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Horn, S. S., Ruck, M. D., Liben, L. S. (Eds.) (2016).  Equity and justice in developmental sciences (Vol. 1): Theoretical and methodological issues. Advances in Child Development and Behavior. London, UK: Elsevier Publishers.


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Horn, S. S., Ruck, M. D., Liben, L. S. (Eds.) (2016).  Equity and justice in developmental sciences (Vol. 2): Equity and Justice in Developmental Science: Implications for Young People, Families, and Communities. London, UK: Elsevier Publishers.